One Piece MMF: Introduction Piece, so you know what I’m up to…

28 Nov

I’ve always been a big fan of both American and Japanese comics and as someone who tends to read books side by side, the streams start to cross for me. I’ve often dreamed of what it would be like if Fumi Yoshinaga did the X-Men shojo or what horrors Kazuo Umezu could add to movies like Alien but the most recent amalgamation came from an American event book that came out last summer, called the Blackest Night from DC Comics.

The Blackest Night, written by Geoff Johns, is a story that centers around Green Lantern; a character whose sheer willpower allows him to create solid light constructs via an alien technology. In this universe, there is the Green Lantern Corp, which consists of beings from all over who have been chosen to wield the rings and act as a sort of space police force.  It was revealed that before the beginning of this event that alongside the Green Light of Willpower, there are 7 (now 8) other lights, each represented by other colors (Red, Yellow, Blue etc.) representing emotions (yes, willpower is considered an emotion) As a result, other emotionally colored corps start emerging (the main antagonist being a light of Blackness/Death ), causing a war of light to erupt. Sounds a tad complicated but it is still an interesting system to put into place for the comic universe. You really start to categorize other characters and even your friends according to the Ring system…

All while I was reading this, I was also beginning to dig really hard into Eiichiro Oda’s epic masterwork One Piece. If you are not already reading One Piece, pick it up. There is no reason that this work should be ignored; it has touched me on so many emotional levels with its insightful story-telling. As I progressed through the series, I began to see that each character really began to represent certain aspects of human emotion. While they all act as whole dynamic people in there own right, the individual members of the Straw Hat Crew act accordingly to a specific purpose. They each have specific desires to see achieved or different problems to overcome.

With my mind currently in categorization mode, it wasn’t long before I started to place the One Piece characters into their respective corps. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (shame on you if you don’t), I’ve already posted picture of the designs for each characters corp look and feel. What I haven’t done, is explained why I think they’d be good for each corp, why I designed things the way I did and what design I liked the best in terms of feel and communication of the ideas behind the Corps.

So with:

Luffy as a Green Lantern (Will)

Zolo as a Red Lantern (Rage)

Sanji as a Star Sapphire (Love)

Usopp as a Yellow Lantern (Fear)

Nami as an Orange Lantern (Avarice)

Robin as a Blue Lantern (Hope)

Franky as a White Lantern (Life)

Chopper as an Indigo Lantern (Compassion)

Brook as a Black Lantern (Death)

…we begin our exploration into the wonderful world of emotional pirates!

2 Responses to “One Piece MMF: Introduction Piece, so you know what I’m up to…”

  1. miz December 4, 2010 at 5:47 am #

    This is an interesting analysis you have written for MMF. Very well thought out, and while I am not familiar with the work, definitely unique to see the various images that you have used with characterizations associated for the Mugiwara.


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