Who is Sam Kusek?


Your faithful blogger, Sam Kusek


My name is Sam Kusek and I’m living my life in panels. What does this mean? That I have been an avid comics reader/collecter for over a decade. Up until recently, I wrote for Popcultureshock’s Manga Recon, which propelled me into a community of intensely intelligent manga/comics readers, writers, artists and industry people I had no idea existed.

This blog is my means of getting back into that community by exploring not only my love for Manga but American superhero comics, Independent/Local comics, how comics have imbued themselves into our culture & lifestyles and ultimately who/what those cultures are. I hope to better understand our content and our community with this blog.

If you want to tell me what you think of my writing and/or send review copies, you can email me here: Skusek@yahoo.com, connect with me on Twitter @SamKusek, check out my artwork on Damage into MP or find out more about me at www.samkusek.com

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