Barefoot Gen MMF Archive

Since in February 2010, once a month, the manga blogging community holds a week-long event called the Manga Moveable Feast, in which we discuss a particular series or one shot title. Each day, the host shares links to new blog entries focusing on that work, while building an archive for the entire week’s discussion. At the end of the event, the group then selects a new host and a new “menu” for the following month.

The primary goal of this feast is to promote intelligent, in-depth analysis of manga that we as community hold strong feelings towards, while fostering a sense of community among avid manga readers by inviting everyone to take part in the event, regardless of whether you’ve participated before. For more information, or to join our mailing list, visit our Google Groups page.

This February 2011 Manga Movable Feast centralizes around Barefoot Gen, published in North America by Last Gasp. Below is the complete list of essays, reviews, podcasts, etc. that resulted from our weeklong discussion of Barefoot Gen.

This MMF also acts as our first year marker!

Contributions from:

Sam Kusek (A Life In Panels)

David Welsh (Manga Curmudgeon)

Khursten Santos (Otaku Champloo)

Derik Badman (Madkinbeard)

Ash Brown (Experiments in Manga)

Linda (Anime Miz)

Marc Sobel (Unattended Baggage)


Lori Henderson (Manga Xanadu)

Alexander Hoffman (MangaWidget)

Patrick Jones (Johnny_Jobbs)

Rob McMonigal (Panel Patter)

Anna (Manga Report)

Michelle Smith (Soliloquy in Blue)

John Thomas (The Manga Village)

Daniella Orihuela-Gruber (All About Manga)

Tony Yao (Manga Therapy)

Angela Eastman (Anglynn)

Ed Sizemore (Manga Worth Reading & Manga Out Loud)

Jason Yadao (Otaku Ohana)

Statement from the Publisher, Last Gasp

Statement from the Translation Group, Project Gen

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